Start Making the Switch Today

First generation TrueVIS owners should be aware that Roland has discontinued TR INKs. This means that you will need to make the necessary switch to superior TR2 inks and improved machine performance.

In addition to quality improvements, VG and SG customers should also note that TR2 ink cost is the same cost per ml as TR (TrueVIS INK) while running cost is lower due to optimized cleaning cycles when using new TR2.

How To Upgrade

VG-640/540 users can upgrade their devices by downloading the specified firmware and the latest version of VersaWorks® 6 RIP software. To learn more visit   

TR2 Ink Switching Method Manual

This manual explains how to switch the ink being used from the TR ink to the TR2 ink. To prevent the ink from mixing, perform operations according to the procedures given in this document.

TR2 Upgrade Page

This site is a step-by-step workflow of performing this upgrade, including how to download and perform the Firmware update, the VersaWorks 6 software upgrade and the “Versaworks Dual to Versawork 6 Migration Tool.


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