With just the right initial tack, SLX+ ensures the easiest installation in both hot and cold temperatures. Complete full panels, decals, and cut letters down to 2″ (5 cm) from start to finish using SLX+.

  • Superior Repositionability
  • Fast & Accurate Weeding
  • All-Season Wrap Film
  • Clean Removability

SLX+ Premium Cast Digital Film with FLITE Technology

SLX®+ is a 2-mil (50 micron) premium gloss white cast film with FLITE Technology®. Designed for full and partial vehicle wraps and fleet applications, SLX+ features an optimal initial tack to ensure high repositionability with quick anchoring and build a strong bond while removing clean at the end of the wrap life.

The optimized performance of SLX+ improves all-weather application performance and cutting & weeding, while maintaining a high conformability in complex areas such as rivets, curves, and deep channels. SLX+ has a tinted, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides excellent opacity and a low profile air egress liner that aids in easy installation and provides a smooth finish.

SLX+ is rated for outdoor durability up to 10 years (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

Features & Benefits

SLX+ Virtual Launch
SLX™ Cast Wrap with FLITE Technology®
  • Optimized product construction designed for vehicle and applications, including stainless steel
  • FLITE Technology® allows superior repositionability & snap-up, with strong anchoring to ease large panel installation
  • Excellent conformability for installing complex curves, deep channels, and rivets
  • Designed for cutting and weeding letters 2” (5 cm) or greater
  • Vibrant and reliable print quality on Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UV and Latex print systems
  • Compatible with Series 3210, Series 3270, Series 3220, Series 3310 and Series 3200 Overlaminates
Cutting & Weeding Decals. Watch Now!

Learn the ins-and-outs of cutting, weeding, and installing print-cut decals. An exceptional vehicle wrap begins with an exceptional product. SLX+ with FLITE Technology® is a single roll solution that allows you to maximize your profitability by combining superior repositionability with precision during the cutting and weeding process.

How to Pre-Panel Wraps. Watch Now!

Leave the standard method of applying panels one by one in the past and maximize your efficiency by pre-paneling wraps. This technique allows you to achieve the perfect registration in the overlaps while making your install look seamless. Perfect this method by using SLX+ with FLITE Technology®. Miss a panel alignment on the first try? SLX+ allows you to pick the film back up and reposition with ease.

Watch Now – Justin Pate Wrapping With SLX+

Watch Justin Pate test out Arlon’s new cast wrap film SLX+. See how he effortlessly installs this product around curves and into deep channels due to the benefits of FLITE Technology®. Learn the techniques he recommends while showing how SLX+ can be used quickly to print, cut, and weed text graphics with ease.

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