RTAPE set the standard for product performance and quality. Innovations like RLA® Release Liner Adhesion are often imitated, but never duplicated. RTAPE offers a wide range of products, read on to determine the application tape or premask that best fits your job requirements.

RTape Conform Series is the original paper application tape with RLA® Release Liner Adhesion. With RLA, Conform sticks to slick release liners, so tapes do not “dog ear” and stick together. Graphics stay neater and cleaner, even when they’re rolled.

  • RLA® Release Liner Adhesion
  • Lays flat with no tunneling or edge curling
  • Factory cut, razor slit rolls
  • No adhesive balls, gapping between layers or crushed edges
  • Tears cleanly – no stringy, legging adhesive
  • Multiple roll widths available
  • No adhesive build-up on stored graphics
  • Works in either wet or dry applications

Conform 4000RLA Low Tack

  • APPLICATION – Large graphics and surface protection for sign faces and digital prints
  • Standard weight paper protective premask
  • Low tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4050RLA Medium Tack

  • APPLICATION – Medium and large size lettering. Great for fleet graphics and banners
  • Standard weight paper application tape
  • Medium tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4075RLA High Tack

  • APPLICATION – Small to mid-sized graphics
  • Our most popular application tape
  • Standard weight paper application tape
  • High tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4076RLA Extra High Tack

  • APPLICATION – Very small and hard to lift graphics, decals and letters
  • Standard weight paper application tape
  • Extra high tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4750RLA Medium Tack

  • APPLICATION – Mid-sized graphics, decals and banners
  • Heavyweight paper prespacing tape
  • Medium tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4761RLA Medium Tack for Air-Egress Vinyls

  • APPLICATION – Adheres to embossed liners of air egress films
  • Heavyweight paper prespacing tape for air egress vinyls
  • High tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4775RLA High Tack

  • APPLICATION – UV digital and screen printed graphics
  • Heavyweight paper prespacing tape
  • High tack rubber adhesive
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RTape Clear Choice® is a clear application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications.

  • Clear film
  • Repositionable
  • Easy handling and removal
  • No milky residue and water whitening upon contact with water/solution
  • Multiple roll widths available


  • APPLICATION – Transferring large letters/graphics and protecting digital prints
  • Clear film application tape
  • Low tack acrylic adhesive


  • APPLICATION – Transferring small and fine detail cut graphics and vinyl film w/tight release liners
  • Clear film application tape
  • High tack acrylic adhesive


  • APPLICATION – Ideal for difficult to transfer films, textured and matte finish films
  • Embossed clear film application tape
  • High tack modified polyacrylate adhesive
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